Wednesday’s Wine

IMG_20140603_185659[1]Monday and Tuesday evenings are usually alcohol-free in our house so by Wednesday we are ready for a glass of something new and interesting to celebrate being halfway to the weekend.  If you follow my twitter feed, @pestopistou, you will have noted that yesterday (Tuesday) proved an exception to this rule, but you might also spot that this minor slip-up was made in the name of research for today’s first post in a forthcoming series of Wednesday’s Wine features.  We will aim to uncover some great wines from the Riviera and beyond with a smattering of wines from further afield if we’re travelling or spot something unusual that’s worth reporting on.

So to tonight’s wine: Gavi lies some 50km to the northwest of Genoa, just over the Ligurian border in Piedmont. The white wines from this area are from the Cortese grape and those made within the commune of Gavi itself can be labelled as Gavi di Gavi.  This Wednesday’s wine is from the Azienda Agricola La Toledana, a co-operative producing this intriguing single-estate bottling from late-harvested grapes which gives it an unusual weight and concentration. This extra punch sits well with the wine’s refreshing acidity, grapefruit and pear flavours and long, minerally finish. One we will most certainly be drinking again.

And to match?  We cooked up an asparagus speltotto (risotto made with pearled spelt rather than rice), generously dressed with pea shoot and mint pesto.  A perfect reward for making it to Wednesday.

IMG_20140603_202101Wednesday’s Wine
La Toledana Single Estate Gavi di Gavi 2012
We bought ours in the UK at Majestic – £11.99
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